Our 650 square meter Sauna park

This is what we offer:

- 3 dry saunas
Log cabin sauna with 100 degrees and at the same time also an infusion sauna
2 Indoor saunas with 75 degrees or 85 degrees 

- Hammam* 
A Hammam is a steam room in which a special bathing ceremony is held. The focus is on relaxation through steam and a subsequent massage with soap foam. Hamams were originally public bathrooms that were build in the islamic world in the Middle Ages. The traditional Turkish ritual is used to this day for body care, cleaning and interpersonal communication. Oriental steams are now common around the world. In Germany, a hammam is valued as a place of rest and relaxation.

- Serail bath*
The Serail bath is a Sauna variant. During the Serail bath, there is high humidity and healing mud packs are applied to the guest’s entire body. The mud dries during the stay at the Serail bath, but becomes supple again in the subsequent herbal steam room. The pores are opened and the skin is cleaned. The healing mud pack is massaged in with circular movements. The skin is better supplied with blood, the tissue is firmed and the metabolism is stimulated. 
The stay in the Serail- bath is about 50 minutes.

- 2 steam baths*

- Winter garden with opem fireplace 

- Relax centre for relaxation with waterfall and infrared wall

- Experience showers with LED lighting

- Tepidarium ( relaxation room with warm stone beds)
The Tepidarium has a preventive and healing effect and offers an ideal opportunity for relaxation and regeneration for young and old. The temperatures oft he stone beds are between 30° C and 40° C, the indoor climate is dry with a humidity of 20 percent.

- Outside terrace with lake view, ideal for cooling off.

- Swimming pool 17 X 16,66 m for cooling off and swimming.

- Flake ice fountain. 

- Sansibar with lake view
in addition to cool drinks, you will also find delicious snacks.

Opening dates:

APRIL 2023
1. Saturday/Sunday 15.04. + 16.04. opening
2. Saturday/Sunday 29.04. + 30.04. (1st May Day - weekend)

MAY 2023
1. Thursday 18.05. (Ascension Day)
2. Saturday/Sunday 20.05. + 21.05.             
3. Saturday/Sunday 27.05. + 28.05.

JUNE 2023
1. Thursday 08.06. (Corpus Christi)
2. Saturday/Sunday 10.06. + 11.06.
3. Saturday/Sunday 24.06. + 25.06.

JULY 2023
1. Saturday/Sunday 08.07. + 09.07.
2. Saturday/Sunday 22.07. + 23.07.

Sauna - opening TIMES are as follows for the time being:   

16:00 to 20:30

Note: Please note the end of sauna time, massages and gastronomy at 8:00 p.m.
Admission from 16 years

Contact & appointment booking:

Charmant Relaxen
C. Kloos & R. Schmitt Gbr
Gepr. Wellness-Massagetherapeutinnen & Hamam-Meister
Hauptstraße 60
55765 Oberhambach
Tel.: 0178 – 970 55 38
E-Mail: charmantrelaxencr@web.de